John Shramko

Chattanooga-based real estate investor

Off-Grid Cabin Living

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, John Shramko is a real estate professional with over 10 years of experience in real estate investments. In this crazy, always-connected world, John has a passion for getting away from civilization and heading out to his off-the-grid cabin in the woods. It’s here that John enjoys relaxing and soaking in the gorgeous sites that come when you get out of bloated residential areas and head out into the wilderness.

Since John Shramko purchased his cabin back in 2019, he’s discovered a love of taking photos of nature and the cabin itself and has become obsessed with watching videos on Youtube about being off the grid. John often takes his wife and 4 children to the cabin as well, enjoying some much-needed family time, and ensuring his children get time away from the many screens of the modern world and learn to appreciate the outdoors. 

Aside from his cabin, John Shramko is an avid real estate investor as well as the owner of RC Investment Group, LLC as well as Chattanooga Real Estate Academy, LLC. RC Investment Group is a real estate company that not only buys and sells real estate but also manages, rehabilitates, and rents both commercial and residential properties of all shapes and sizes. John entered the real estate business back in 2008. With the country in an economic downturn and John being out of a job, he wasn’t sure what he should do. One night he saw an infomercial on television that made him decide he’d try out real estate. While it wasn’t the greatest time to start a business in any industry, John weathered the storm, found a house, and saved up the money to both purchase and rehabilitate it. In his first year working in real estate, John managed to rehab his first home and got a great deal for it when he put it back on the market. This allowed John to do two more rehabilitations the following year which inevitably grew into a business of finding houses, money, and crews to help him rehabilitate them. Over the next few years, his business went through many trials and tribulations especially due to the economic recession, at points struggling to survive and at others finding great success. 

The success that John Shramko found eventually brought people to him wondering – “How did you manage to find this success? I’ve always wanted to get into real estate!” Many of these individuals were those who were unhappy with their current career situation or who watched a lot of HGTV and felt that they too could find success by investing in real estate. This brought an important question to John – how can he help people help themselves? From here, John created a free 6-week coaching program that taught individuals how to make money in the real estate sector. He used Facebook to market the program and eventually decided to choose the individuals who he felt excelled most at the course and asked them to join his newest venture, Chattanooga Real Estate Academy, LLC. Now, John has around 35 students with many of them actively investing in real estate and getting great deals for their investments. John has a passion for helping others and is overjoyed by the success he’s been able to achieve and help his students achieve through the Academy.