One of the main reasons why people decide to purse off-grid living is to save money. What people should know is that there are some things that may cost you more than you expected. Depending on the location you chose to live you may need a heating system during the colder months. The first step is making sure that your off-grid home has heating and cooling home insulation. Most times heating is wasted when it has places to escape to. Increase your homes energy efficiency by securing your window and door panels. Small fixes such as adding plastic film or using quilted curtains can work for some time but let’s take a look at the best ways to heat your off-grid living.


Heating With Fire

The most common way to heat your off-grid living space is by using fire. Heating with fire may sound simple but there is a limit to how much fire you can have in your home depending on the size. It’s normal to heat your living room with a fire and allow your other rooms to be partially heated from the one source. Before you go to bed you can put coal in a bed warmer and apply a small fire so you won’t be too cold at night. You can even warm your bedding to keep you warm at night.


Passive Solar Heat

There are plenty of homes that are designed to run off solar energy and heat your home that ways. Passive solar homes work by allowing sun in your windows ad convert that light into heat. Many people have dark colored floors and walls so when the sunlight hits there will be more head. Windows that are located on the south wall of your home can also help increase the passive solar heat. Now there is one thing that you need to consider and thats something that will collect the heat. When the sunlight hits a surface that surface is called the absorber. Your absorber should be connected to a thermal mass so that the heat can be generated and stored for when it’s needed most. One of the most popular absorbers is a stone wall that is placed right inside your windows.


Homemade Active Solar Heat

Grab yourself a black copper pipe or some aluminum soda cans and get to work on making homemade solar collectors. You can make a design that creates a path for water to flow to an area where it will be warmed by sunlight. You can then pump this water into your house and use it to radiate your home. With the same materials you can create a sealed system which is the same idea but the sunlight will be able to heat the water that is flowing through your system.Screen Shot 2021 04 21 At 1.47.03 Pm