Thinking about going off the grid? There are many people that choose to live off the grid. Some do so to escape a fast-paced reality, while others have more personal reasons for doing so. 

Many off-the-grid home designs are trending these days as demand for new alternatives rise. This remains true regardless of location, whether it’s in the woods, near the sea, or just a secluded spot disconnected from others. There isn’t just one type of home that people wishing to disconnect seek out.

Columbia Island, New York

Accessible only by boat, this self-sustaining home is the definition of off-the-grid living. With four bedrooms and panoramic views of the sea, this home is a gem not to be missed.

West Wind Estate, California

An estate and winery with a Japanese aesthetic is a peaceful property that provides both privacy and a luxurious compound with high-end finishes. Even the most finicky off-the-grid seeker will be impressed with a pool and a winery on the property.

Little Pipe Cay, Bahamas

A 38-acre private island provides a sanctuary for travelers. Imagine waking to the view of crystal clear blue water and the sound of silence. An Olympic size pool and a spectacular hot tub round out the list of high-end amenities in this off-the-grid paradise.

Quad III Ranch at Watson Divide, Colorado

At an impressive 69 acres and 5,553 square feet, this home is as off the grid as they come. Visitors will be greeted with beautiful rolling hills of irrigated pastures, ponds, and grazing cattle. Relax by the fire, and enjoy the view.

Observation Tower, Oregon

Off the grid takes on a whole new meaning in this unique home. Stretching to 40 feet in the air, this tower in Tillian, Oregon, is impressive. With 360 degree views, there’s never a lack of scenery. Built in 2009, this fantastic home has every modern amenity for a comfortable stay.

Whether it’s a visit or a permanent destination, off-the-grid houses are a trend that isn’t going away and for a good reason. The more inundated our lives become with work and technology, the more satisfying time away becomes.